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Title: Decoris anima 19/25
Author: lyonessheart
Word Count:787
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Pic number 22, an naughty christmas cars "All I want for Chrsitmas is you - naked", for the Early Bird 25 days Advent series.
Warning: none.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

When Draco comes to, the next morning he finds that he is trapped beneath a warm log. His eyes open blearily and he sees only a broad chest enceased in a soft shirt and not much else.

He must have fallen asleep with Harry and Teddy, and he feels his fear come back. What will Harry say in the light of day to his face. He hasn´t even seen his own face in years. But Teddy wasn´t too shocked and didn´t they say from the mouth of babes came the truth.

“Morning!” Harry croaks a little, a testament to the wild chase they had yesterday.

“Hey, how do you feel?” Draco tries to calm his wildly beating heart.

“Wonderful. Please tell me that I am not dreaming and really am in bed with you?”

Draco is shocked into silence. “Uhm, didn´t you forget a tiny detail?” But then he realizes that the bed is empty apart from him and Harry.

Harry grins. “Teddy left bed already an hour ago. But he said I should stay with you, I think he wanted to appologize to your mum and Andromeda for scaring them both.”

“As he well should. I think I have never been so afraid for anybody in my life.”

“Never?” Harry enquires softly.

“Never. It´s different when a child is involved.” Draco doesn´t explain further and with Harry he doesn´t need to. Harry softly strokes his face and Draco revels in the fact that he can feel the calloused fingertips everywhere. He is still insecure but for once he doesn´t run away instead channeling the Gryffindor vibes.

“So how bad is it?”

Harry grows serious. “I won´t lie, your face is not as it was in school.” he strokes the skin and Draco notices the slight bumps and ridges his fingers find, but before he can turn away and hide Harry grasps his chin and kisses his soft lips, before peppering kisses over his entire face. “But it is the most beautiful face that I have ever seen, Draco you have no idea what you do to me. Being able to touch your skin is the best gift you could ever give me.”

Draco closes his eyes. “Tell me, please”

Harry touches each ridge and tells him. “I see silvery lines, as if you have old scars that have faded. In between the skin is a soft and satiny as it was in our schools days.”

Draco can´t help it but snort at that.

“If you want to see yourself I can give you a mirror, but I want you to promise that I can show you my own scars before you want to hide again.” Harry is earnest again and before Draco can say anything he takes of his shirt.

“Right all I want for Christmas is you – naked.” Draco has found his voice again.

Harry laughs, “They should make a greeting card out of that.”

Draco looks at the naked torso, Harry has aquired his own share of scars in the years that have passed, but he doesn´t appear ugly to Draco. Trembling fingers trace each and every old scar, faded and silvery, the round one in the middle of his chest makes Draco shudder, but there are so many more.

“You need to watch out better for yourself.” His voice is choked.

“Don´t worry. They are old. My body had the battle scars but there are no scars younger than five years. Working with Muggleborns is not dangerous. So nothing will happen to me I promise.”

“Show me.” Draco wants to see, what Harry looks at when he smiles so tenderly.

“Ok” Harry conjures a mirror and Draco braces himself, but what he sees surprises himself.

It is his face, undeniable, it is marred too, but not hideous, the skin sround his eyes and his mouth is not affected at all, the rest is covered with a net of slighly raised silvery lines. In between the skin is soft as he remembers. He breathes in deeply. Closing his eyes again. Warm arms close around his torso, and Harry nuzzles his neck.

“Do you finally believe me? You are beautiful and if I could I would prove it to you again and again by making love to you until you can´t see straight. But right now a little boy is downstairs, waiting for us to come down so we can have breakfast.”

“You promise?”

“I would never lie to you Draco.” Harry kisses him again languidly and Draco feels warm happy and alive for the first time since he heard the fateful words thrown at him.

If that is his true soul – he can live with it, because it shows that he is a survivor.
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