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So here is to you and the hours we spend in the chatzy room, plotting and talking and actually writing. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and can enjoy the time!

You asked for a couple things and I tried to come up with something, I am afraid I managed to write something with so much sugar overload it might pull teeth. It has no plot but also no sex, it is just sugar and I hope you like it nonetheless.

Title The future is bright
Rating PG
Pairing Harry/Draco
Summary Harry sees things, but sometimes not quite clearly.
Warnigs FLUFF, pure overload on sugar and no plot whatsoever

The first thing he realizes is warmth. He is wrapped into a soft but firm embrace. He can’t see who is in bed with him, but he knows that he is safe, secure and loved. He longs to turn and see just who gives him such a sense of belonging. When he has never found that what he has been searching for for so long.

His gift is not quite so free for him though, especially when it concerns his own future, the gift is frustratingly vague most of the times. And it only shows him glimpses, tantalizes him with hints of emotions.

But his gift has given him at least something, and he supposes that he should be happy about that.

He will be loved.

He won’t be old when it happens.

It will be someone who knows him, someone who gets him.

It will be a guy - well he didn’t need a gift to know that, seeing that he is quite firmly gay, and out and proud.

And it will be someone who loves to spoon him in his sleep.

But many seers never see anything about their own future, so he probably is lucky to get even that much.

“Harry!” Someone is calling him. He tears himself from the trance that holds the tantalizing glimpses of his future. The here and now is demanding his attention.


Draco stands in front of his desk, looking at him. He is clutching a ton of files and peers intently at him, and even though he just got pulled from a sight he receives a new flash. Only a short one, but so clear! It shows him an older Malfoy, one in his late thirties maybe, sporting silver glasses and the official Minister Robes. And damn Malfoy will make a damn handsome Minister.

Harry gasps and smiles at the man in front of him.

“What? Is there something on my face?” Draco scrubs his cheek self consciously, aware that it wouldn’t be the first time that he has ink on his face from falling asleep over the reports.

“No all good.” Harry smiles at the man, it is still a marvel at how far they have come in the few years since the war. He is elated at the thing he has just seen.

After their eight year, their paths are firmly entwined. Harry works at the ministry in the department of mysteries, training with the Unspeakables as a seer and he likes it. Draco is Assistant to the Under Secretary for the Department Head of Muggle Relations and he is a good one. Ambitious and cunning but also very hard working. Since he never took the Dark Mark he is in the all clear and Harry who has always made sure that people got the chances they deserve has been watching with eagle eyes over Draco’s career.

Knowing what he does now make him smile even more. The future is bright.

“I wanted to collect you for our night out. Luna has said you would try to get out off it, and I am under strict instructions to drag you along. So are you coming or do I really have to drag you?”

Harry gets up and nods at Draco. “Let’s put the files away first right? Or do you want to take them to the pub?”

Draco flushes and Harry laughs.

Their nights out are pleasurable, Hermione talks a mile an hour about some new bill that she is preparing while Ron is watching her with the secret smile that Harry has identified as the “completely in love smile” Luna grins at him and he wonders if she has seen something for him that she won’t tell him. They agreed a while back that unless it was life threatening they would not divulge things that they see about their friends. Life needs to be lived at its own pace.

Draco is a warm weight against his side and sometimes Harry still marvels at the ease they display with each other.

“You should take him home, mate!” Ron chuckles and Harry is torn from his musings.

Draco has fallen asleep, in the middle of the pub and it is a testament to their mutual friendship, that Ron only grins and shakes his head. “Did he pull all nighters again? Even if he wants to be Minister one day, he needs to live a little:”

Hermione laughs lightly, “He has Harry for that, just like I have you.”

Harry smiles at his friends and takes Draco home. Not for the first time he apparates into his flat and puts Draco into the guest bed, but for the first time Draco opens his eyes and sleepily asks. “Stay?”

Harry complies, getting under the covers and finds himself pulled against Draco'sstrong chest. His eyes open wide as he realizes two things at once.

1) Draco loves to spoon.

2) He gets Harry and Harry gets him.

The future is bright and he will be loved.

And with that thought Harry falls asleep.

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