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I am ridiculously happy about being tagged for these memes by [ profile] firethesound

Favorite Character?
Draco Malfoy

Which House?
I probably would be a Slytherin. I always get my way and I could care less what outsiders think of me.

Not sure that I could produce one - but if I could probably a cat

Favorite Class?

Would you make the Quidditch team?
Nope, just no interest in sports on my part.

If you do, which position?
I could cheer?

Favorite teacher?
Professor Sprout

First or second Dumbledore?
Um, first one? I still could believe that he cared for Harry, with the second one the manipulative side began to shine through.

Least favorite character?
People will kill me but I hate Ginny in the books. I like her when I can develop her on my own, but in the books she is a starstruck little child that annoys me terribly.

Most useful spell?
Oh probably Accio I always lose my keys *G*

Writing Meme

1. Have you ever written in an unusual place?
Hm I do write in trains, is that unusal or normal by now?

2. The word/phrase you know you overuse, but can’t get rid of.
"And", closely followed by "Just".

3. Do you keep notes? Do you have a notebook?
I would die without notebooks. I tend to handwrite a lot of my stories first and then flesh them out in typing them.

4. What’s the hardest part of a fic to write for you?

The middle and the end, because I never really know when I am at the point that the story should end.

5. Have you ever based something in your fic on your personal experience? What was it?
Oh yes, the breakup scene from "Defined by love" between Oliver and Harry, that was basically the worst breakup I had, only I never managed to find my happy ever after till this day.

6. What’s that one fic you want to write but somehow know you never will?
I don#t have that. Fics come and I write them.

7. What do you usually do when you procrastinate?
Facebook. Research random things online. Talk to [ profile] smirkingcat

8. What’s the funniest typo you’ve made?
hmm - none that I recall

9. Do you listen to music when you write?
when I need a certain mood I listen to songs that make me feel like that.

10. Your favorite comment a reader has left on your fic?
Every comment that I get is gold, but the ones that discuss stories with me and actually push me as a writer are my favorites, so please if you read this and like me, let me know in which ways my stories work for you and where I can improve.

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