sad song

Nov. 8th, 2008 03:39 pm
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I truly have no Idea where that came from... But I like it, I wish someone would write a melody for it...

Cry for love

well everything`s changing but still stays the same
I keep on living and playing my game
the world turns around me and I got to move on

I keep on walking you think I am so strong

But see what I keep hidden
See the tears I haven`t cried
why can`t you hold me
I need you tonight

The Morning is breaking
dawns new light
I keep on walking
sun shines so bright

You can`t see what is hidden
You only see my pride
I beg y.ou to hold me
I really need you tonight

And if I cant stop
to play this silly game
you`ll let me go
and I`ll be on my own again

So I beg you to see,
what I can`t show
I beg you to love me
don`t you know

You have to see what is hidden
you have to love to understand
then I`ll stay with you
please be my man...
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A hollow feeling
all emptied out
nothing left to give
and you don't even ask

So tired and lonely
I thought we were friends
but I learned again
you only take

I can't give you more
because you've taken
all that I am
and you don't even realize

That my tears are for you
for the emptiness inside of you
that you can't fill
with me

You ask if I am angry
I am just sad

You know sometimes I wonder why people never say thank you. They take friendship and care for granted and when you are emptied out and tired they turn away and say "I don't understand her, she has never been like that" of course I haven't becuase I always hed something left to give and to care. To open my arms and say come here everything will be alright. But somehow when I need someone to do this for me they are not there...
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I wish I could fly
fall into the sky
let the wind catch me
carry me
set me free
alive and detached
from the world around
wonder why I can't be found

I wish I could swim
into the sea
dive into blue and green
let the waves
rock me to sleep
let me go
I do not weep

I wish I could sink
into the sand
let it caress me
with its rough hand
bury me deep
allow me to sleep

where nobody finds me

Let me rest
be my guest
just never try to find me

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