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Titel: Decoris anima (21/25)
Author: lyonessheart
Prompt used: pic 13 for early Bird challenge, a festive Manor entrance
Disclaimer: the Boy are not mine, I just Play with them
Word count: 546

"Deck the halls with boughs of holy, fallalala lalalalaa"

Draco smiles at hearing the sound. Teddy and his mother both sing their favorite song, voices blending beautifully, with Andromedas Alto.
While he is curled up with Harry in front of the fire. It still is a marvel to feel the strong shoulder under his skin.
he has been afraid for so long that now, he still thinks that he might just be asleep and dream that finally everything has turned out right

"Knut for your thought?" The teasing tone tears him from is musings and green eyes look at him sparkling with amusement.

"Just thinking, that life is as good as perfect now."

"I am glad you think so. Shall we head out and see what miracles they have wrought?"

Draco laughs lightly.

"My mum was always wonderful at decorating the halls, I am sure she revels in the chance to do it again."

Hand in hand they step outside and stand in the entry hall marveling at the beauty before them.

The grand marble staircase has been decorated with golden garlands, and soft candle light softens all of the edges. It looks festive, but still welcoming
as if the house has awakened to the season at last. Soft chimes sound christmas carols and the doors are adorned with Mistletoe.

And the smell that saturates the air is of nutmeg and cinnamon, oranges and sweets.

"I didn´t know how much I missed Christmas until you basically forced me to face it again." Draco states softly.

"You know there is something magical about this season. It brings families together and it heals old hurts,
or at least shows how insignificant they are in light of being loved. And it wasn´t me who decided you needed Christmas, I just went along with Teddy."

"Big words, Harry." Draco teases, "But I have a very smart little cousin."

Narcissa and Andromeda come back from the kitchen with Teddy who skips between them.

"We have cookies!"

"Hmm and what does a man have to do, to get some of these?" Draco approaches Teddy in a predatory fashion, who squeels with joy.

"You are so silly Uncle Draco!" Teddy hides behind Harry and laughs when Draco still manages to catch him and start a tickle attack.

Narcissa stares at her son and grandnephew, playing right there in the halls.

The manor rings with laughter, like it hasn´t done in a long time and she can´t help but feel that everything is perfect just like it is.

"I give!" Teddy is breathless.

"If you don´t give me cookies, I´ll just eat you!" Draco pretends to take a bite out of Teddy and Harry
decides to intervene by putting a chocolate cookie directly into the open mouth.

Draco splutters a bit but shares the cookie with Teddy all the while laughing.

"Will Luna come tomorrow?" Andromeda asks quietly.

Narcissa nods, "Yes she'll be there for burning the Yule log.
All of the kids have returned to their families this year, so she can come and visit.
Draco said he is ok with her coming by, she never sees anybody at face value anyhow and he wants to start with people who are less likely to judge, before going out into the real world again."
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