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I am still completly over the moon that something so absolutly wonderful is a gift for me. I mean I LOVE MANGAS!! I love them to pieces, give me something in that style and I will adore you forever and that is just *guh* The coverpage(which is a gift in itself) and then the Comic - the Lines, the notes, Teddy as a baby and a little boy, Pansy as a good friend and Ginny *blubbers with happiness*. I will cherish this forever.

Go take a look and tell me how lucky I am :) and of course give the artist all the love that this wonderful comic deserves:

my beautiful erised gift
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Look at this!! I have happy tears in my eyes that someone takes that much time to write about my humble little story!

Originally posted by [ profile] suitesamba at Harry Big Bang - Review - Defined by Love
Defined by Love by [ profile] lyonessheart with art by coffeeisagoodstart, is an appropriate title to a story which is all about putting together families in a lot of different ways, delivering the message that it isn’t blood that defines a family, but love. But don’t think for a minute that the story is all about cuddles and nappies – there’s some serious intrigue here, a touch of murder, and a sinister plot that has been at work in the pureblood world for years.

The story contains 54,327 words and has an E (explicit) rating and on AO3 is tagged for characters and pairings only. Other appropriate tags are romance, mystery, family, adoption/fostering, character death (not H/D) and EWE. The story features Harry/Draco, past Harry/Ginny, past Draco/Astoria, Scorpius, the Malfoys, Hermione, Ron, original children and other OCs.

We begin with Harry breaking things off gently with Ginny – his best friend and girlfriend – because he knows that no matter how much he loves her, she’s not the one. I love the author’s treatment of Ginny here – she and Harry remain close throughout, and there is no bitterness or pettiness. Harry goes on with his life – working at the orphanage, taking in two foster children, being denied permission by the Ministry to adopt them – and Ginny goes on with hers. Harry has room in his life and his heart for another child, but thinks the doors are closed to him. However, Ginny tells him about a private adoption agency, and he applies and wonder of wonders, soon finds himself with a newborn daughter.

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So a year ago I started on a crazy endeavour. And it really got done. Many people started with me and I am so honoured to say that Harry Bang has posted today!

So please check the stories out, rec and comment :)

Harry Big Bang Banner
Art by [ profile] primea
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so yesterday was my birthday, and I am so overwhelmed that I received so much love, I can´t even begin to put it in words,

I got messages from so many of you!! [ profile] iwao, [ profile] dracogotgame,[ profile] roelliej[ profile] sophie_french, [ profile] zeitgeistic,[ profile] indyonblue THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! You are the best!!!

AND I got art, please have a look and give it the love it deserves!!!

The wonderful [ profile] daleah made me this:

birthday love

and my darling [ profile] idikehaine

drew me a comic according to my request :)

my precious gift

And FIC- I am soo happy:) I never received fic before so I am really really happy about this!!

[ profile] enchanted_jae

Fae Verse Love

[ profile] bloodisshrp


Again, thank you all, I am really so happy about all of the kind wishes. You made my birthday special!!

PS: and of course the lovely [ profile] lordes send me wishes as well (even though she was a tiny bit late and now is edited into this post) *huggles* to all of you!!!
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OMG!! I got a banner made for me. I feel so honored :) It has been so much fun to complete all the assignment and it's been such a great push to write, I am so proud of my team Thank you so much [ profile] darkravenwrote for taking the time to be teamleader and of course[ profile] digthewriter who has been an awesome mod!

I will definitly take part inthe next games, I am hooked again! Love to all of you!

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